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What SAveabusiness aims to achieve ...

Business Relief Clearly Defined

During the global pandemic of COVID-19 small businesses in South Africa have few options of relief during a time of lockdown and no business activity. SAveabusiness looks to gain the support of civil society and large business to ensure that small businesses make it through this period.

With so much uncertainty and lack of clarity on existing relief options. SAveabusiness is a transparent NPO (Non-Profit Organization) that looks to the public to swiftly and meaningfully take action and give small business a fighting chance during the pandemic.

Businesses per Phase
Authoritative Ambassadors
Funding Partners
Businesses To Be Impacted
Supporting small businesses through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Donate Directly To The SAveabusiness Relief Fund To Be Evenly Distributed

The total pool of donations for each phase will be evenly distributed to the 10 selected businesses that will rotate on a weekly basis as we receive and validate more nominations from the public.

SAveabusiness COVID-19 Relief Fund

A relief fund supporting township-based businesses and women-owned SME's.
Phase 3 Business Fundraising

Proudly South African Businesses

You have the option to either donate directly to your business of choice. Alternatively you can donate to the SAveabusiness COVID-19 Relief Fund that will evenly distribute the donations to the businesses in that fundraising phase.


Afroscaff Scaffolding & Project Management specialises in scaffolding application in South Africa.

Chic Fusion

Chic Fusion is a design and manufacturing studio based in Woodstock, Cape Town

Classique Wares CC

Classique Promotions is a Marketing and Communication Agency based in South Africa


We are experienced in qualitative and quantitative research, advertising and strategic planning

Eagle Ropes

Eagle Ropes is a cleaning and refurbishments business that also provides services such as rope access.

KA Plumbing

KA Plumbing was founded by Madibana brothers who are passionate about plumbing
Why our funding solution is superior & immediately helping businesses

How The Donation Process Works

SAveabusiness is a platform that works simply and fully transparently in collaboration with citizens to save small South African businesses that have been hardest affected by COVID-19. The raised funds will be purposed to avoid layoffs; non-payment of workers and expenses that would impede continuation  when South Africa returns to business as usual.

We believe that this is an essential initiative that will mitigate the rise in unemployment and the further destabilization of our economy. Donations over R1000 can choose to receive a tax exemption certificate as the initiative operates with NGO status.

The public has two options: (1) Donate directly to the listed business of your choice or (2) Donate to the SAveabusiness COVID-19 Relief Fund to be evenly distributed at the end of each phase.

Take further action: Donate, or Apply Now.

Applications & Nominations

A Nomination form is available to the public to nominate a business of their choice. Small businesses may also apply to qualify for acceptance.

Multiple Donation Phases

10 qualifying and deserving SME's per phase will be selected. Each fundraising phase will run for 5 days consecutively.

Ambassador Support Driven

We will be partnering with 8 Ambassadors whom are well-established and prominent small business owners to ensure a successful fundraising initiative.

Evenly Distributed Funds

At the end of each 5 day fundraising phase, the total donation pot for that phase will be evenly distributed to the 10 companies. Raised funds will be shown in real-time.